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The Parrothead Principle: Change, Colleagues & Friendly Accountability

Truth be told, I’m a huge Parrothead! You know, the other word for “die-hard Jimmy Buffett fan”?!  Yes, Jimmy and I go way back. My kids, now 17 and 19, know all of the words to his songs.  My husband’s wardrobe is half “Margaritaville” t-shirts – gifts from me over the years. And when I need a break from reality, my go-to playlist involves some, if not all, Buffett tunes. (Hey, everyone needs a break from reality!) Ask any Parrothead and they’ll tell you: being part of this community brings its own “paradise” of connection. Over the past month, I’ve been thinking Read more.

It’s Just a Game, Right?!: Behavior, Change & Chess

Have you ever played chess? I did as a kid and it was definitely not my game of choice. There was so much to remember about each piece and the specific move it was allowed to make. So much to pay attention to around my moves and the moves of my opponent. All that strategy made my head hurt! Yet, my brother absolutely loved it. He beat me every game – yes, every game–we played.  Why was this?  Are we wired that differently?  Was I just not as smart? Did he have some secret decoder book that gave him the answers? I Read more.