The Leadership Circle Profile™ Self-Assessment

“Great leadership is a complex mix of competency
and inner states of being.”

Organizations today are facing unique challenges. We’re grappling with rapid and unrelenting change, being forced to act with greater agility, and wrestling with the need to accelerate transformation. In this environment, many leaders are experiencing their limitations. They’re beginning to recognize their current ways of working may need to shift—and their beliefs and behaviors may need to change, as well.

Making those changes and tapping deeper into your leadership potential requires greater self-awareness and a new mindset about your effectiveness.

Leadership Self-Assessment
Leadership Self-Assessment
"Before taking The Leadership Circle Profile Self-Assessment,
I was considering leaving my organization. The self-assessment helped me realize
I need to work on myself before I make a decision."
Leadership Self-Assessment

It all begins with the Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) Self-Assessment

If you’re a leader faced with the difficult task of steering your team through change or an individual eager to explore your gifts and opportunities, we can help you create a path to guide your professional and personal development.

The LCP Self-Assessment measures your competencies and tendencies to surface your unique “operating system,” or the beliefs that guide your behaviors. Completing the self-assessment will help you identify your leadership strengths, the traits that may be limiting you, and your greatest opportunities for growth. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of why you show up the way you do, and we’ll work with you to translate that understanding into a plan to guide your development as a leader.

Leadership Self-Assessment

LCP Self-Assessment and One-on-One
Leadership Coaching Partnership

Typically 4-6 weeks in length, the LCP Self-Assessment and coaching partnership is a collaborative experience
where you’ll feel fully supported and encouraged in creating your unique leadership development plan.

By measuring your competencies and tendencies and gaining a deeper understanding of your internal operating system, you’ll develop the awareness you need to fuel your leadership growth.

The Leadership Circle Profile Self-Assessment will enable you to experience the following:

  • Greater awareness of your creative competencies measuring how you achieve results, lead with vision, bring out the best in others, and improve organizational systems.
  • An understanding of your reactive tendencies and how these self-limiting behaviors might impact your leadership style.
  • Insights to surface your unique operating system to see how your inner thoughts translate into productive or unproductive leadership.
  • An increase your self-awareness to create a productive change in behavior and guide your growth as a leader.

Meet Your Coaches

The Leadership Circle Profile Self-Assessment experience includes:

  • A 30-minute introductory call to review the Leadership Circle Profile and provide instructions for completing the self-assessment
  • Administration of the LCP Self-Assessment to measure your competencies and tendencies.
  • A 90-minute debrief session in which your coach will provide an overview of the LCP graph and your results, explore how to use the insights you’ve gained, and discuss what to expect in subsequent coaching sessions.
  • Two subsequent 1-hour coaching sessions:
    • The first will introduce the Leadership Development Plan and help you identify your “one big thing,” the one change you might make to unlock your leadership potential and take it to the next level.
    • The second will explore experiments to help you understand the tendencies that may be limiting your competencies and build your awareness to fuel your leadership growth.

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