The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 Assessment

"Great leadership starts with a willing heart,
a positive attitude, and a desire to make a difference."

Great leadership has perhaps never been more important than it is today. Organizations are facing unique challenges, being forced to figure out how to respond to ever-present change and act with greater agility in even greater ambiguity. In this environment, many leaders are rethinking their current leadership habits and re-imagining how they need to work. They’re recognizing their opportunities to build stronger, more resilient teams and make bigger, more meaningful contributions to their businesses.

The realization that your current ways of working may need to shift is the first step towards maximizing your leadership potential. Identifying why you work the way you do and how your beliefs and behaviors may need to change is the crucial next step on your leadership journey.

Leadership 360 Assessment
Leadership  360 Assessment


If you’re a leader faced with unrelenting change and unfamiliar challenges, or you’re simply eager to take your leadership to the next level, we can help. Exploring your unique gifts and opportunities requires a deeper understanding of self as well as insights into the ways others perceive and respond to your leadership. Those insights begin with the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) 360 Assessment.

The LCP 360 Assessment measures your competencies and tendencies to surface your unique “operating system” and opportunities for development. When you participate in the process, you’ll ask others around you (i.e., your direct reports, your peers, your manager, and others) to complete the assessment, sharing feedback on your leadership traits and behaviors. This input will help you identify your leadership strengths, the traits that may be limiting you, and your greatest opportunities for growth. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how you show up and why you show up the way you do. Using that understanding, we’ll work with you to create a plan to guide your development as a leader.

Leadership 360 Assessment

LCP 360 Assessment &
One-on-One Leadership Coaching Partnership

Typically 6-8 weeks in length, the LCP 360 Assessment and coaching partnership
is a collaborative experience where you’ll feel fully supported and encouraged
in creating your unique leadership development plan.

By evaluating your competencies and tendencies and gaining a deeper understanding of how your leadership is perceived, you’ll gain the insights you need to fuel your leadership growth.

The Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment will enable you to experience the following:

  • Greater awareness of your creative competencies measuring how you achieve results, lead with vision, bring out the best in others, and improve organizational systems.
  • An understanding of your reactive tendencies and how these self-limiting behaviors might be impacting your overall effectiveness as a leader.
  • Insights to surface your unique operating system to see how your current way of working translates into productive or unproductive leadership.
  • New perspective on how your leadership is seen through the eyes of others to help you create a meaningful change in behavior and guide your growth as a leader.

Meet Your Coaches

The Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment experience includes:

  • An initial 1-hour alignment meeting between you, your manager, and an HR representative, facilitated by your coach, to determine the desired individual and business outcomes of the process.
  • Administration of the LCP 360 Assessment to help you better understand how you see yourself individually as a leader vs. how others see you.
  • A 90-minute debrief session. In this session, your coach will provide an overview of the LCP graph and your results, explore how to use the insights you’ve gained, and help you create a customized leadership development plan focused on the areas where growth will be most beneficial to you, your team, and your organization.
  • A second alignment meeting between you, your manager, and an HR representative where you will share your development plan to gain agreement and support.
  • Two subsequent, confidential 1-hour coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to help you stay focused on your leadership development goals by reinforcing learning, encouraging accountability, practicing new skills or behaviors, and resolving roadblocks that may emerge along the way.

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