Group Coaching

Where supportive relationships help foster individual growth

A developmental experience
in the "we" space

As human beings our growth and development does not happen in isolation.  It's fostered by engaging in mutually supportive relationships with others.  In fact, decades of research have shown that positive social connections are important for people’s overall health and well-being.  And our experience supports this.  We've seen firsthand that when people come together in a space of shared learning, where psychological safety is created and cultivated, the experience of an individual change can actually feel a little easier.

Group Coaching
“Karen’s work in the area of group coaching is highly effective. She’s an excellent advisor and
gave our organization’s management team the support and guidance in developing their
self-awareness and leader skills. I see the positive difference in the managers daily –
Karen’s work was instrumental in awakening the potential in them!”
Beverly, Director, Healthcare

Attending to the Individual

That's why we've developed a group coaching approach that attends to the individual THROUGH the collective. Because when we discover that as humans we're more alike than we are different and as leaders our challenges are more similar than they are distinct, we can more easily open up to seeing ourselves and others in new ways. Through group coaching, you'll have the opportunity to connect with people like you. People who are interested in their own development.  People interested in becoming as effective as possible at work, as leaders and as humans.

Group Coaching

6-month group coaching programs

Our 6-month group coaching programs are tailored to the most common challenges leaders face in a complex world

Each group coaching program includes the following components:

  • Individual 1:1 coaching sessions with one of our coaches provides participants an opportunity to clarify their personal development goals, have a safe space in which to explore their individual and specific needs and create an accountability system as new behaviors are tested and experienced.
  • Peer coaching experiences with another group individual invite participants to explore their current circumstances and learning through a new lens, provide more time for reflection and articulation, and an opportunity to develop their individual style of coaching and the ability to build stronger relationships with another group member.
  • Group conversations are designed to open up the participant's understanding of the complex nature of the world in which we live and work in a safe and confidential space.  In addition, the group structure encourages utilizing each other as a way to learn as much from the insights and contributions of the group members, as an individual will learn from their own reflections.
  • Various readings, assessments and other tools are offered in support of an individual's learning in relation to each group's particular focus.

Current group coaching programs offered include the following:

Our Aspiring Leaders Group Coaching Program is designed for those individuals who are most interested in developing their capacity to step into a leadership position as part of their desired career path.  Through the program, participants will discover the difference between management and leadership and what leadership will TRULY require of them as individuals in order to be effective.

Our Emerging Leaders Group Coaching Program is designed for those individuals who are somewhat new into a leadership role and are interested in developing the capacities and capabilities most needed to fully step into being as effective as possible.  Through the program, participants will take a deeper look into themselves as leaders and explore various theories, frameworks and approaches to increasing their ability to lead more authentically.

Our Courageous Leaders Group Coaching Program is designed for those individuals who are currently in a leadership role and are interested in taking an introspective journey into their current leadership style.  Through this program, leaders will uncover their own hidden beliefs and assumptions around what makes a leader most effective and find ways to expand their capacity to work with conflict, complexity and courage.

Our Navigating the Journey of a Career Transition Group Coaching Program is a 7-week experience designed to help people who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and maybe even a little afraid, discover a personalized, do-able path to finding work they love.

Don't see something that fits your needs?  We'd love to talk about customizing a program to meet your organization's specific challenges or opportunities.  Contact us today to find out more!

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