The Leadership Lab


What is the Leadership Lab?

Sometimes our best intentions to invest in our growth and development
are thwarted by the go-go-go and do-do-do of the everyday.

As leaders, we can often feel challenged to connect—with ourselves, others, and the world around us—in purposeful and meaningful ways. But those connections are critical to effective leadership, especially in today’s uncertain environment.

The Transitions Coaching Leadership Lab is a space for leaders to learn, experiment, practice, and grow their leadership effectiveness. By helping you better understand who you are and how you relate to those around you, you’ll discover new ways to take action and create change—for yourself and others.

"To master anything, you need to practice;
to become more effective in our leadership, we must continually practice and improve
both our outer game and our inner game."
Mastering leadership


The Leadership Lab: The Anatomy of Effective Leadership is a 7-month experience designed to create the time and space for leaders to engage in exploration and discovery that leads to personal growth. In the lab, participants have the opportunity to learn, reflect, and experiment to uncover things like:

  • How emotional intelligence can be your leadership superpower and why it’s so important in complex times.
  • How to receive feedback and give feedback that is meaningful and developmental in nature.
  • How to practice self-reflection so that you can take more mindful action and create meaningful change.

Most importantly, learning and exploration throughout the program allow participants to create meaningful changes in behavior as they work toward finding new solutions to their most pressing challenges.

The Leadership Lab: The Anatomy of Effective Leadership

A  7-Month Deliberately Developmental Experience

The Leadership Lab: The Anatomy of Effective Leadership guides participants through three modules that help them Connect to Self, Connect to Others, and Connect to the World.

At the outset of the program, participants will be asked to choose something personal or professional that is challenging them at work. Working with this challenge throughout The Leadership Lab will help guide exploration and experimentation in service of new possibilities and solutions.

Understanding Who I Am &
How I Lead

Creating greater awareness of the leader you are and the leader you want to be allows you to become less reactive in the moment and more impactful in decision-making and driving results. In The Leadership Lab, we explore why emotional intelligence is one of the most crucial characteristics of great leadership.

Understanding How I Relate to Others & Growing My Social Skills

Fostering deeper relationships, greater collaboration, and stronger teamwork helps leaders inspire others to bring
their best to work. In The Leadership Lab, we look at strategies for receiving feedback, offering feedback, and co-creating through perspective-taking.

Taking Action &
Creating Change

Embracing the complexity of the world and the environment we’re working in enables leaders to engage in ways more conducive to creating the outcomes that matter most. In The Leadership Lab, we examine why the world needs more courageous leaders and how using our strengths can help us create meaningful change.


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