Individual Leadership Coaching

Leadership is not for the faint of heart

Today’s workplace is complex

It’s dynamic, ever-evolving and full of change.  It challenges us to rethink our familiar ways of seeing and acting in the world.  It demands that we take risks.  It calls us to step outside our normal comfort zones and try out new approaches in an effort to be more innovative.  Most of all, it requires us to grow, to change, to transition.

But for leaders in particular, the idea of changing ourselves in some way can actually feel counter-intuitive. After all, our past success is the direct result of who we’ve been and what we’ve done. We ask: Why would I alter any of the things that have brought me success this far? Why would I open myself to uncertainty?

Leadership Coaching
"Danine's calm, assertive presence, deep and reflective insight, and overall perspective
helped hold the space for me to dive into truly meaningful work.
Very subtle, very powerful, very rewarding!"

We get it. It’s not easy.
That’s why we’re here.

To help you take a deeper dive into yourself. To discover more of who you are.  Your identity, your fears, your dreams, your beliefs and your internal operating system. Because knowing this is the first step to any successful transition. In order to create choice, you must first understand that you actually have it.

And whether you're a seasoned executive, a brand new leader, or transitioning to a new or larger role, one thing remains the same.  Our wholistic, human centered approach will help you uncover those hidden beliefs or assumptions that are keeping you from fully stepping into the leader you most want to be – regardless of who or where you are currently.

Leadership Coaching

6 Month One-on-One Leadership Coaching Partnership

Typically six months in length, our coaching sessions are confidential
one-on-one meetings with you where you’ll feel fully supported
and encouraged in your developmental transition.

By cultivating a deeper sense of awareness and aligning your choices to your highest aspirations, you’ll feel ready to move outside of your normal comfort zone and push yourself to try new things most likely to get you the results you most want.

Our coaching will enable you to experience the following:

  • A heightened level of self-awareness allowing you to be less reactive in the moment;
  • The ability to better understand and respond to the perspectives of others when dealing with change;
  • An increased level of situational awareness and social competence allowing you to more effectively address difficult situations or behaviors directly and confidently;
  • An increased level of confidence in your own leadership capabilities and feelings of greater authenticity;
  • The opportunity to have a greater impact in the organization.

Meet Your Coaches

Leadership Coaching Services Include:

  • Administration of The Leadership Circle Profile (360) to help you understand “how I see myself individually as a leader vs. how others see me individually as a leader.”
  • Facilitation of an initial alignment meeting with you, your manager and HR (if desired) to determine the desired individual and business outcomes of the engagement;
  • Assisting you in creating a customized individual coaching plan that focuses you on achieving specific 6-month career and leadership goals;
  • Bi-weekly, 60 minute, confidential, one-on-one coaching sessions;
  • Facilitation of 2 additional alignment meetings throughout the process with you, your manager and HR (if desired) to ensure progress and healthy feedback;
  • Final reporting and closure with you, your manager and HR (if desired) to review your overall results, discuss any recommendations to continue and/or sustain your learning, and to determine if an extension to the coaching engagement is warranted/needed.

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