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The Power of Many: Top 5 Benefits of Group Coaching

By Karen Konrath, Leadership Coach  |  January 4, 2021
The Power of Many: Top 5 Benefits of Group Coaching

“The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable,
but the power of many working together is better.”
– Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

A new year is often associated with new beginnings. Especially this year, we know many people are eager to put the past behind and get a fresh start. This is just one reason why we’re so excited to embark with our next coaching group on January 23!

“Navigating the Journey of a Career Transition” is a new group coaching experience from Transitions Coaching designed to help you discover a personalized, do-able path to finding work you love.

Years of coaching individuals through their personal and professional transitions have taught us that each person who engages in coaching benefits uniquely. Bringing those experiences together in a group setting can offer unparalleled benefits.

Here are the five benefits of group coaching that we see and hear most often:

1. Leveraging the Group’s Collective Intelligence

Group coaching allows you leverage the collective intelligence and support of like-minded professionals. As you uncover your strengths, values, and even fears, group members are there to support you and help you see even more than you’d see on your own. As a past participant said, “[This is] a great course to become more aware of yourself, including identifying strengths and saboteurs, to move forward in your life journey both professionally and personally.”

Tapping into the support and encouragement of the group will inspire you and reassure you that you’re not alone.

2. Learning from Others’ Experiences

In group coaching, you’ll find both commonalities and differences among your fellow participants. You’ll have the opportunity to grow by learning from others who feel like you do and are experiencing similar challenges but are each travelling unique paths. Oftentimes, this helps bring the clarity you need to see what might have been keeping you stuck and figure out how to move forward.

3. Expanding Your Perspective

Every external change is accompanied by an internal transition, one that often requires you to embrace a new attitude or outlook. Working alongside others with unique points of view can lead you to new insights and different perspectives. And gaining a new perspective can give you the confidence and curiosity you need to step into the external world and explore potential paths.

Consider this feedback from one of our past participants: “This course is for anyone looking for clarity on ‘what’s next for me?’ as a person and a professional. [It is] amazing how this course transforms the way you look at yourself.”

4. Partnering with Another Participant

When you’re setting out on a journey, you need good company. In addition to the company of the group during seven shared sessions, you’ll be paired up with another participant (your peer coach) to engage in further exploration and learning outside of the larger group. In many cases, peers become like accountability partners, lending advice, holding each other to commitments, and giving each other positive reinforcement.

5. The Shared Experience

You might be feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and maybe even a little afraid. Trust us, you’re not alone. Coming together with these mutual feelings and navigating your journeys together can help individuals in the group build strong bonds.

Plus, the collaborative work you engage in will continue to generate conversation and learning long after the group concludes. We even give participants access to participate in quarterly “momentum” calls for a year following the program, giving you the opportunity to track each other’s progress, follow each other’s journeys, and celebrate each other’s successes.

At Transitions Coaching, we’re excited for 2021 and the new possibilities it holds for the individuals and groups we’ll engage with this year and beyond. When you’re ready to start your journey, reach out to us!