“Not in his goals
but in his transitions
man is great.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson


Leadership coaches
dedicated to helping you lead, work and live more humanly

Change is just part of life.
Just part of being human.

Many changes in your life will be external. Changes such as being promoted or becoming a leader for the first time, getting a new boss or inheriting a new team, intentionally changing jobs or being affected by a downsizing.

However sometimes change is more internal or developmental in nature. This kind of change is not necessarily caused by any particular external event, but instead is experienced as a gradual or sudden realization that the way in which we are leading, working or simply living our lives is no longer satisfying. Perhaps it's even ineffective. It's in these instances that we discover something inside of us is asking us to grow. To develop in some way. We somehow come to the recognition that there are actually alternatives to our current way of making sense of things and we want to understand ourselves, others and the world around us more fully.


Transitions Coaching
Until you think about it, you don't notice how effectively Karen has guided you to define, verbalize,
and resolve your business challenge. I was fortunate to benefit from her coaching
during the development of my business. Her coaching was instrumental in accelerating my business plan
and in landing my first contracts. Like a magnificent software that runs in the background,
Karen exercises her craft subtly yet pervasively.
A resource not to be underestimated, her coaching produces results.”
Julie, Owner, Gnolla Design Studio, LLC

Regardless of the type of change,
one thing remains the same

It’s not actually the change itself we resist, it’s the transition we must go through in order to fully accept and process the change that’s the most difficult. As William Bridges, preeminent authority on change and transition says, “It isn't the changes that do you in, it's the transitions. Change is situational, transition is the psychological process people go through to come to terms with the new situation. Change is external, transition is internal."

Transitions Coaching


As coaches, we know that human beings need more than just good advice or
practical tools if they want to navigate their transitions with the least amount of pain.

So more than just helping you adapt to your changing circumstances, we help you adopt
a new way of seeing yourself and others through the experience of these changing circumstances.

As coaches, we are trained to step into your transition alongside you. We listen deeply to you. We ask different questions. We reflect back what we are hearing, sensing and observing. We help you take action where and when you feel most stuck. We become a partner to you on your very personal journey.

And regardless if you're working with us in an individual leadership coaching engagement, or you've come to us as part of a group coaching program, your experience will be the same. Together, we'll help you embrace your "human-ness" so that you can discover and define what will bring you the greatest personal satisfaction and professional effectiveness.


Leadership Coaching with Transitions Coaching


Leadership is not for the faint of heart! Today’s workplace is complex. It’s dynamic, ever-evolving and full of change. It challenges us to rethink our familiar ways of seeing and acting in the world.  And for humans, that's not always an easy transition.

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The Emerging Leader Group Coaching Program


A leader’s effectiveness is contingent on so many factors—their unique knowledge and experience, the people who support them, the environment in which they work. But perhaps the most important thing influencing any leader’s effectiveness is their understanding of self, and how the internal impacts the external.

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Leadership Assessments


Great leadership has perhaps never been more important than it is today. Organizations are facing unique challenges, being forced to figure out how to respond to ever-present change and act with greater agility. Our Leadership Assessment programs can help with just that.

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Resume and Profile Writing


With every resume, profile, or cover letter comes an opportunity to tell your story—one that sets you apart and helps you create authentic, genuine connections as you navigate your journey. How do you distill your experience? Choose which skills and capabilities to highlight?

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